Common data model and data validator for investigative entity data

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Follow The Money

The followthemoney data model is designed to organise concepts which arise in money laundering and corruption investigations, in a way that is useful to investigative journalists.

The Schema

The root of the data model is Things and Intervals. You can also think of these as entities and events. Things are documents, assets, legal entites and their descendents. Intervals are business interests, court cases, sanctions and transactions (and their descendents). Intervals tend to be useful for linking two entities together, possibly over a specific time period.


The Thing schema


The Interval schema


The YAML definitions for the schema include ways to define the behaviour or features of entities and their properties. These keys on entities are:

And on properties of entities:


This data model is used by Aleph.


To use this schema with RDF see the namespace docs.


Things to consider in future iterations.